Macromicro is an enterprise software company that creates data visualization tools for analysis of large, complex companies of 10k to 500k employees. Macromicro began as the first “big data” visualization platform for human resources and organizational analytics, enabling analysts and leaders to see and study workforce data on both a macro- and micro-scale.

Three lenses are provided: a top-down “icicle” view, an ego-centric “sunburst” view, and a distributed layer-by-layer view. These visualizations serve as the skeleton for overlaying KPIs and workforce metrics including, but not limited to, span of control, job grade, compensation ratios, tenure, age, gender, and geographic location. By visualizing troves of data that have traditionally existed as siloed, brute reports, users have become empowered through new means of analysis.

Roles: Conceptual development, design research, market analysis, strategic planning, prototyping, data visualization, user experience design, branding, implementation.

Accolades: Winner, SAP Sapphire Pinnacle Award for Application Development. Nominee, Most Innovative Technology Startup in Europe, HR Tech Amsterdam. Featured in SAP Sapphire 2017 Opening Keynote with CEO Bill McDermott. SAP Startup Focus Inaugural Partner; SAP PartnerEdge Member; SAP Certified Enterprise Software; SAP HANA Cloud Integration; HANA 10 Certified.

Collaborators: Brad Peterson (Co-Founder and CEO), Harri Nieminen (CTO), Jason Davies (Developer), Rich Eckel (Business Development)

This sunburst represents a multinational company of 35,000 employees. Presented in a browser, it represents more than a year of technical development and can support nearly 500,000 people, a remarkable breakthrough for “big” organizational data. Users can see and interact with the entire company, divisions, groups, and individuals in a fluid, multivariate interface.

October 2013 Prototype Tour

Interactive, Visual Perspectives

Hierarchical View

Radial View

Spans and Layers View

Histogram Scrub

Fixed Focus

Search and Filter

The dashboard provides pathways through the data and quick access to the most frequently requested datasets. Users can save particular sets and track them across time.

Prototypes and Research

Macromicro originated as an internal project at Nokia between Brad Peterson and myself. Our objective was to increase visibility across the organizational structure, help employees better know the resources of colleagues, and evolve org charts beyond boxes and lines. Through a collaboration with their human resources department, our team developed prototypes of data visualizations and interactive tools for new insights.

The platform was later rebuilt to deliver live, secure, cloud-based data to users. Research engagements involved c-suite leadership who were reorganizing the company, and later with general employees to prototype new corporate address books. We further evolved the product to match specific use case needs of additional clients under going reorganization, spans and layers analysis, M&A, and more.